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Cat and Golden Retriever laying on grass outside.

Serving San Jose, Lakewood, and surrounding neighborhoods of Jacksonville, FL with quality vet care


Modern small animal medicine and surgery with a holistic touch.

As a loving pet parent, you want your animal family member to enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. That’s why you’re selective when it comes to surrounding neighborhoods of Jacksonville, FL, San Jose, Jacksonville and Lakewood, Jacksonville area vet care.

But what does quality veterinary care in surrounding neighborhoods of Jacksonville, FL, San Jose, Jacksonville and Lakewood, Jacksonville really entail? Is it a long list of comprehensive medical services? Is it a team of professionals that are highly trained and well educated? Is it a clean, modern facility outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment?

At Lakewood Animal Clinic, we believe all of these things are important, which is why we’ve worked hard to optimize our services, staff and clinic. Beyond this, however, we believe what truly makes our San Jose, Jacksonville and Lakewood, Jacksonville vet care special are the relationships we’ve built over the years.

With us, you’ll be so much more than just another appointment on the books. You will be treated with respect and your pet will be given our undivided attention. It’s a difference you’ll notice from the very first visit. Warm welcomes for you; snuggles, cuddles and plenty of yummy treats for your furry friend. Our clients say that bringing their pets here feels more like visiting with an old friend than a trip to a doctor’s office.

Another thing that sets our practice apart is how we handle our scheduling. We know that far too often, people feel rushed and unheard during their visits with the vet. This is something we try to avoid in our San Jose, Jacksonville and Lakewood, Jacksonville clinic. We manage our appointments in a way that ensures ample time for questions in the exam room while minimizing time spent in the waiting area. It’s just one more way Lakewood Animal Clinic takes extra care of our clients.

Does your San Jose, Jacksonville and Lakewood, Jacksonville vet make you and your pet feel this important? If not, perhaps it’s time to make a change. If you’re seeking a veterinary partner in the San Jose, Jacksonville / Lakewood, Jacksonville who will place your companion’s needs as their top priority, look no further.

Want to learn more? Give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call today. Or better yet – stop by our San Jose, Jacksonville / Lakewood, Jacksonville office in person. Meet the staff, tour our facility and experience first-hand what makes our San Jose, Jacksonville and Lakewood, Jacksonville vet clinic so unique. We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to serving you both for many years to come!

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