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Car Rides With Fido

March 1, 2017

Does your canine buddy like to go out and about with you? Many dogs love going for car rides! Read on as a Lakewood, FL vet discusses taking Fido for a ride in the car.


Just like people, dogs can get carsick. If your four-legged buddy tends to get queasy on car rides, try to help him get over his nausea. Bring Fido into the car, and just sit with him in the vehicle for a few minutes with the engine running. Then, start bringing your pup on short drives. Just go around the block at first. Remember to keep a window cracked, so your pet always gets fresh air. Riding on a full stomach may upset that furry tummy, so try to avoid feeding your pooch just before taking him for a ride.


We know, many of our canine pals love riding around with their heads out the window. This can be very dangerous! Your furry friend could get dust, rocks, or insects in his eyes or up his nose. He’s also at risk of being seriously injured if you have to stop or swerve suddenly. Another danger here is automated power windows: it’s very easy for pets to step on the mechanism and roll the window up or down. Sorry, Fido: safety first!


We strongly recommend keeping your pet crated for travel. It’s much safer! Add toys and soft blankets to your canine friend’s kennel to make it fun and comfortable for him. A doggy barrier is another option: while it won’t offer the protection or safety of a crate, it will at least prevent Fido from bumping into the driver.


You may have heard about some heartbreaking situations where dogs were left alone in hot cars. Temperatures reach deadly levels very, very quickly inside closed vehicles, even in the cooler months. Never, ever leave your pet alone in the car, even for a just a few minutes. If you can’t bring Fido inside with you at your destination, leave him home instead. Your pooch will be able to relax with a nap and perhaps amuse himself by playing with his toys, and you won’t have to worry about his safety.

Is your dog due for vaccines or an exam? We are happy to serve all your canine companion’s veterinary care needs. Contact us, your Lakewood, FL animal hospital, anytime!

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