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4 Care Tips for Your Dog’s Coat of Fur

September 15, 2018

Your canine companion isn’t quite as skilled as a cat when it comes to coat care. It’s up to you to make sure Fido’s coat of fur stays in peak condition! Keep your dog’s coat healthy and beautiful with these four care tips from a Jacksonville, FL veterinarian:

Quality Diet

A quality coat starts with a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet. When your pet receives the right nutrients through the food, the skin and hair follicles stay healthy, resulting in a pristine coat of fur. Be sure to feed your dog in the proper portion size, as overfeeding will quickly lead to obesity. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a great food choice that suits your dog’s size, age, and breed.


Brushing your dog on a regular basis is a great way to keep the coat healthy, smooth, and shiny. Brushing not only smooths tangles and gets rid of matted hair, it gets rid of grime under the fur and helps to spread essential skin oils throughout the entire coat. This helps to moisturize your dog’s fur naturally, resulting in a beautiful shine! Feel free to ask your veterinarian what type of brush and/or bristles will work best for your dog’s particular coat.


The occasional bath is another good way to make sure your dog’s coat stays healthy and clean. Always use a shampoo formulated specifically for dogs, as shampoos made for humans or other animals may irritate your dog’s skin. Also, make sure you don’t bathe Fido too frequently, as this can backfire and actually dry out the skin and fur. Too much bathing will result in a coarse, dull coat and an increase in shedding! Your vet can tell you how often baths might be necessary for your pooch; call the office today to learn more.

Pest Prevention

Don’t forget about pest prevention—since pest infestations and infections are some of the quickest ways to ruin a dog’s healthy coat of fur, it’s important to keep up on preventatives! Mots dogs will do just fine with a heartworm medication and a flea-and-tick preventative, so contact your vet right away if your dog isn’t already set up with these preventative measures.

Would you like to know more about your dog’s grooming and hair-care needs? Need a recommendation on a great diet choice or brush type? We’re always here to help. Contact your Jacksonville, FL pet clinic today!

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