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8 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

May 1, 2020

May is Chip Your Pet Month! Microchipping is one of the best things you can do to protect your pet. If your furry buddy hasn’t been chipped yet, we strongly urge you to get this done right away. A Jacksonville, FL vet lists some reasons why microchipping is so important below.

It Could Save Their Life

Microchips are small, but they’ve had some pretty big effects in the real world. Lost dogs and cats that have been microchipped stand much better chances of being reunited with their worried humans than those that aren’t chipped. That’s enough of a reason in and of itself!

Microchips Can’t Be Tampered With

ID tags are important—and required by law in many places—but they aren’t foolproof. They can very easily be cut off. Microchips, however, can’t easily be tampered with.

Simple Procedure

The microchipping procedure is very simple, and only takes a few minutes. Your vet will use a hypodermic needle to place the microchip beneath your pet’s skin, usually between their shoulder blades. That’s it! For Fluffy and Fido, it’s very much like getting a shot. As for recovery time, a few ear scritches should about do it.

Easy Schedule

Are you are planning to have your pet fixed soon? That’s a perfect time to get them microchipped. However, this can also be done at any other appointment.

Protection Against Theft

Another important thing about microchips is that they stand up in a court of law. If your beloved pet is ever stolen, this may be your best bet in proving ownership. While these types of incidents don’t occur often, they do happen.

Painless Protection

Once the chip is inserted, it will form an invisible, yet unbreakable, bond between you and your furry best friend. Microchips have facilitated some very happy reunions between people and pets, even when the pet ended up far away from home!

No Maintenance

Microchips don’t need any sort of maintenance. We do recommend having your vet check the chip during your pet’s annual appointments, just to make sure it hasn’t moved or malfunctioned.


Many microchip manufacturers offer perks that can come in very handy if your pet is ever lost or stolen, such as community alert networks and tips for finding lost pets.

Do you want to schedule microchipping for your pet? Contact us, your Jacksonville, FL vet clinic, today!

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