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7 Ways To Stop Fido From Digging Up The Yard

November 1, 2020

Is your canine buddy digging holes in your yard? Fido is a wonderful napping buddy, trail mate, therapist, and door doggy, but his gardening skills are a bit rough. We can help! Here, a Jacksonville, FL vet offers some tips on keeping your pooch from digging up your yard. 

Pest Control 

Does your pooch tend to dig in straight lines? If so, there’s a good chance that Fido’s trying to get to something that is digging under your yard, like a mole or shrew. (This is particularly common in terriers.) Use humane methods to evict your uninvited guest.

Parasite Prevention

Dogs sometimes dig to escape discomfort caused by fleas and other insect bites. Make sure your pup is current on his parasite control products! 


Dogs also sometimes dig just out of sheer boredom. Make sure that Fido has plenty of fun toys to play with, and walk and play with him daily. 


Is Fido trying to woo that cute Irish Setter across the street? If your pet hasn’t been fixed, he may be looking for love. Talk to your vet about spay/neuter surgery. 

Buried Treasure

Did you know that digging is an inherited instinct? Dogs in the wild sometimes bury their prey to save it for later. If your canine companion tends to put things in the holes he makes, work with him, not against him. Get him a sandbox, and put some fun toys in it. If your four-legged pirate knows where the treasure is, he may leave the rest of the ‘yarrrd’ alone! 


Even dogs that have been fixed sometimes try to escape. Our canine pals love to explore new places. Fido may just be curious about what’s around the block. Take him for daily walks, and bring him to the park sometimes, so he can enjoy a change of scenery. You may also need to secure the yard. Bury chicken wire along the fenceline, and weight it down with rocks. 


Dogs also sometimes create holes to serve as little dens, which help protect them from the elements. Fido should live indoors, with the rest of the family! However, it’s also important to make sure your furry bff always has shade, shelter, and water outside.

Please contact us, your Jacksonville, FL vet clinic, for all of your veterinary care needs. We’re here to help! 

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