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Choosing Kitty Furniture

March 1, 2021

Does your cat have some things of her own, such as a cat tower or kitty tent? If not, you may want to get her some. Kitties really do enjoy—and benefit from—having some things they don’t have to share with their humans. There are a few things to keep in mind here, however. A local Orange Park, FL vet discusses choosing Fluffy’s ‘purrniture’ below.

T  owers

Cat towers are no doubt the gold standard of kitty furniture. They offer Fluffy a lookout point, a napping place, and a convenient spot she can grab your sleeve from as you pass by. If you have a baby feline, you’ll want one that offers things like toys and ladders for your kitty to play on. Older furballs are more concerned with comfort, and will prefer things that are easy to get on and off.


The main rule of thumb when choosing pet beds? The more, the better. As far as cats are concerned, you just can’t have too many napping spots to choose from. Opt for things you can easily toss into the wash. Also, remember to move Fluffy’s beds around every now and then, to rekindle her interest.

Tunnels, Tents, And Tipis

These are all very popular among our feline friends, especially kitties that are shy. Fluffy always feels safest when she’s in an enclosed area. If you have a timid cat, make sure she has at least one of these types of pieces.

Scratching Posts

Kitties’ scratching habits are often a source of frustration among their humans. Fluffy’s need to scratch is actually a deep-rooted instinct. When getting your pet’s manicure station, pick something that’s tall enough to allow your furry little diva to stretch when she’s doing her nails. Also, make sure the post doesn’t wobble.

Window Seats

Window views are a big deal to our feline pals, especially those that live indoors. Fluffy loves to spy on birds and squirrels! Some of these attach directly to your window. You can also fashion one yourself, by widening out your windowsill and then adding a cat bed or basket.


Fluffy’s box obsession likely isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, your furball may choose a plain box over an expensive tower. There’s just no accounting for taste!

As your Orange Park, FL veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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