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Anxiety in Cats

November 15, 2020

Do you have a scaredy cat for a pet? Is Fluffy a little bundle of nerves? If so, your kitty may be suffering from anxiety. Just like people, dogs and cats can have anxiety issues. A Jacksonville, FL veterinarian discusses feline anxiety in this article.


Our furry friends can become anxious over a variety of things. Major changes can be very distressing to them. Moving, getting a new human, losing a human or animal friend, or even changes in routine can all really upset Fluffy. Cats also are sometimes anxious due to loneliness, boredom, or tension with other pets. In some cases, medical issues can be to blame. If you know or suspect that your feline buddy is dealing with anxiety, have your vet give her a thorough exam to rule out any possible health problems.


Fluffy can’t tell you how she feels, but if you pay attention, you may notice some signs of anxiety. Overgrooming is one red flag. Your pet may also pace, scratch things in appropriately, or defecate outside her litterbox. Some cats go off their food, while others eat more than usual. Your kitty may also act withdrawn, or even aggressive. You may also notice unusual vocalizations.

Helping Kitty Cope

There are some things you can do to help your furry pal feel more at ease. First and foremost, make sure she has lots of ways to occupy herself when you’re out. Toys are great, but your pet will also appreciate things like scratching posts and comfy window seats. Playing with your feline friend will also help. Fluffy will be tired out—and therefore calmer—after a fun play session. If you leave your kitty home alone, turn a TV or radio on for her, so she can have some background noise. Pet-calming products, such as sprays and pheromones, can also help. If your furball is scared of or bothered by other pets, make sure she has a comfy hiding spot in every room. This can be a pet tent or tipi, or cat tower. In extreme cases, medication may be needed. Ask your vet for specific advice. It’s also important just to pay attention to your pet, and make sure she feels loved.

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