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National Akita Day

Did you know that March 8th is Akita Day? These big, fluffy dogs have some very devoted fans! In fact, Japan has declared the Akita a national treasure. A local vet discusses this extraordinary breed below. History The Akita originated…

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Cute Cat Breeds You Probably Never Heard Of

Did you know that there are several different organizations that are dedicated to cats and their various breeds? Interestingly, they differ on how many kitty breeds they recognize.The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) allows 44 adorable cat breeds, while The International…

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Unchain A Dog Month

February is officially Unchain A Dog Month. We definitely want to help spread this message! Keeping a dog chained has become illegal in more and more places, which is one change that’s long overdue and we’re happy to see it….

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How Old Is Your Dog?

If you’ve taken in a stray or adopted a dog, determining how old he is can be challenging. Looks can be deceiving, even when Fido acts like a big clumsy puppy. And that old formula, “Dogs live seven years for…

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Spotlight On Fire Dogs

Today, October 1, is National Fire Pup Day. Fido has held many different jobs throughout history. Fido has been a shepherd, hunter, tracker, guardian, therapist, and guide, to name just a few. However, fire dogs are definitely up there with…

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Meet The Werewolf Kitty

Halloween is coming up fast! Stop into almost any store this week, and you’ll see all sorts of iconic Halloween critters and creatures, including spiders, skulls, vampires, mummies, and, of course, werewolves. The newest werewolf on the scene is quite…

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How to add hover to images in Duda.co

Duda does not provide a widget to do this natively, but it can be achieved quite easily with a few lines of CSS code. You can add the main image as the background of a column, for example: Then you…

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Cat Tales

Cats are extremely mysterious little creatures, who have certainly gained a reputation in which these myths and legends came. In fact, for an adorable, innocent-looking pet, kitties are known for being mischievous, earning them a collection of urban and rural…

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How to host email on Duda.co

Duda does not provide email hosting services, so you can’t host email on Duda directly. However, there are email hosts that are easy to set up with Duda. For examples on classic hosting where you have a cPanel with the…

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