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What You Should Know About Grain-Free Dog Food

Most likely, you’ve heard the news about grain-free and gluten-free products. With grain-free foods gaining so much popularity recently, they’ve also made it into the pet world.  But, does a “grain-free” label mean that a particular food is right for…

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Ways to Help Fido Cope With Fireworks

The Fourth of July is just a few days off. While many of us are looking forward to celebrating America’s birthday, it’s also important to remember that this can be a very dangerous holiday for our canine companions. Many pups…

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Blue-Green Algae: A Lurking Danger to Pets

Have you heard of blue-green algae? Officially known as cyanobacteria, blue-green algae is an extremely dangerous algae that thrives in warm, nutrient-rich water. Cyanobacteria can make both people and pets very sick. It can grow rapidly, or bloom, under the…

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Introducing a Dog to Your Resident Cat

Are you bringing a new dog into your life? Congratulations! We’re always thrilled to see pups going into loving homes. Of course, if you have a cat, your feline pal probably won’t be quite as enthusiastic as we are. First…

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Help! My Dog Won't Stop Sneezing

Does your dog sneeze sometimes? Fido may look a bit embarrassed or confused when this happens. Sneezing isn’t dangerous for your pet, unless of course he bonks his head on something in the process. But why do dogs sneeze? Here…

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Grooming a Senior Cat

Is your cat e ntering or already in her golden years? If so, she may need a helping hand with her beauty routine. Senior cats often have difficulty bending and stretching. Obesity can also be an issue. This can make…

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National Beagle Day

National Beagle Day is coming up quick: it’s April 22nd! These cute, lovable pooches make very cheerful and happy family pets, and they definitely deserve a day in the spot light! A veterinarian discusses this adorable dog in this article….

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Choosing Dog Toys

Does your can ine buddy get super excited when you bring him a new toy? If so, that’s great! Toys and entertainment are both very important for Man’s Best Friend. Buying Fido’s playthings isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are…

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The Rules of Cuddling Kittens

There’s a sup er cute cat holiday coming up. March 28th is Cuddly Kitten Day! We of course think that kitty cuddles should happen every day. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here. An Orange Park,…

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Choosing Kitty Furniture

Does your cat have some things of her own, such as a cat tower or kitty tent? If not, you may want to get her some. Kitties really do enjoy—and benefit from—having some things they don’t have to share with…

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