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7 Ways to Hack Your Dog Walking Routine

January 15, 2021

January is Walk Your Pet Month! Of course, for many of you, taking your canine pal out is a daily occurrence. A Jacksonville, FL vet lists a few things that may make taking Fido out a bit easier in this article.

Doggy Bag

Dedicate a specific bag or jacket to walking your furry friend. Keep the pockets (or pouch) filled with anything you may need. That list includes things like treats, a flashlight, spare keys, a phone charger, earbuds, safety equipment, masks, or gloves.


Clip a carabiner onto the end of your pup’s leash. That way, if you have to stop and talk, you can easily clip Fido to a tree or post. (Tip: never leave your dog unattended, even for a moment.)


Have you ever had to turn back to grab waste baggies? Keep some stashed in convenient spots in and near your yard. Those decorative rocks and plant pots with hidden compartments work great for this!

Night Walks

When walking your pooch at night, choose reflective gear for Fido, and wear something light or reflective yourself. It’s important for drivers to be able to see you!

Let The Pup Sniff

This one’s more advice than a hack. Dogs are a great reminder of that old adage about stopping to sniff the roses. (Of course, Fido will also smell the grass, the flowers, the dirt, the trees, and pretty much anything else.) Your canine companion actually gets beneficial mental stimulation from investigating different scents. Let your furry buddy take his time when you can.

Lunge Buster

Does your pooch pull on his leash whenever he sees a squirrel? This is bad petiquette, and can also be dangerous. Whenever Fido does this, immediately change direction and go the other way. Training will get tiresome, but that’s the reason it works. Sooner or later, your pup will realize that being pushy actually gets him further away from his goal.


Get a dedicated coat hook shelf for Fido’s things, and keep all your walking supplies there. Keep this in the same general vicinity as his treats, waste baggies, and other goodies. That way, if you have to refill your bag or jacket, you won’t have to go running around the house.

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