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Keeping an Indoor Cat Happy

March 1, 2020

Do you keep your feline pal inside? If so, that’s great! Cats are much better off living indoors, where they are safe from the dangers posed by cars, weather, gators, and other animals. However, your cute pet won’t get as much activity or stimulation as outdoor cats do, so you’ll need to take a few steps to keep her happy and purring. Read on as a Jacksonville, FL vet offers tips on keeping an indoor kitty happy.


Fluffy is very tired, but she can’t sleep all the time. Kitties need entertainment and enrichment! Provide your pet with plenty of toys, and take time to play with her regularly. Your cat will also enjoy having a window seat with a good view.


Who says indoor kitties can’t enjoy a taste of nature? Fluffy loves to nibble on plants, and peek out at her owner from behind green leaves. Set out some pet-safe plants for your frisky furball. You can find a list of options at the ASPCA website here.


Speaking of plants, if you have a screened in porch or patio, make it a catio! Put the plants out there, along with a cat tower or catwalk. If you have a yard, you can even build a kitty enclosure for Fluffy. That way, your furry buddy can enjoy the fresh air and stimulation the outdoors offers, without the associated risks.

Background Noise

Cats typically do just fine staying home alone while their owners at work. However, there are a few things you can do to make Fluffy’s alone time easier for her. Turn a TV or radio on, so she has some background noise to soothe her and keep her from getting lonely. Also, remember to keep your climate control running!

Veterinary Care

Indoor cats are generally both safer and healthier than outdoor kitties, but they still need regular veterinary care. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.


Our feline friends are quite curious, and they love to investigate nooks and crannies. Give Fluffy pet tents, paper bags, and cardboard boxes to explore.

Scratching Posts

Your furry little diva will need a good manicure station. If you don’t have a lot of space, attach a scratching board to the wall for Fluffy.

As your Lakewood Jacksonville, FL vet clinic, we are dedicated to helping you keep your kitty healthy and happy. Call us today!