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New Year’s Resolutions For Dogs

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! As we take down our 2019 calendars and hang new ones, many people are focused on their goals for the coming year. As it turns out, our canine buddies may have some resolutions of their own. Here, a Jacksonville, FL vet lists some of Fido’s goals for 2020.

Score Lots Of Treats

If Fido had a wish list, we’re pretty sure that yummy treats would be at or near the top of it. There’s nothing wrong with giving your pup snacks. Just stick to things that are safe for him, and don’t go overboard.

Get My Bed Back From The Cat

Kitties can be rather bossy, and have been known to steal their canine roommates’ beds. Fido may also hope to get Fluffy to stop pouncing on his tail. Good luck, buddy!

Catch That Squirrel!

Dogs are very playful, and many of them just can’t resist chasing squirrels. It doesn’t really help that squirrels seem to enjoy taunting Fido. Your pet may also go after some of your neighborhood lizards.

Collect Belly Rubs

It’s always adorable seeing Fido’s happy expression when he’s enjoying getting petted. Pay lots of attention to your furry bff in 2020!

Sniff All The Grass

We know, you may not find anything particularly interesting about that patch of grass. However, dogs learn a lot from scents, so sniffing things is interesting and informative for them. Indulge your furry buddy, and let him take his time when you can.


Fido loves exploring new places, which is why he’s such a great hiking and camping buddy! Let your pooch check out some new places this year.

Learn Something New

Many dogs really enjoy learning new things. If Fido has basic obedience commands down, show him some cute tricks. Or, move on to advanced training.

Be A Good Boy

There are many things to love about dogs, but one of the best things about them is the fact that they strive to please their humans. Reward Fido with treats, praise, and belly rubs when he’s being good.Hang Out With My Human

Spend lots of time with your canine companion this year. This will not only help keep that cute tail going, it will also strengthen the bond between you.

Please contact us, your San Jose, Jacksonville, FL vet clinic, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!