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Signs That Your Cat is Ill

February 15, 2017

If you have a kitty, you’ve probably noticed that cats can communicate very clearly when they want to. Fluffy may not have much difficulty letting you know that she is ready for dinner, or when she wants to cuddle. However, our feline friends aren’t always that up front. In fact, when they are feeling sick, cats often try to mask signs of illness. Therefore, it’s important for pet parents to know what to look for. A Jacksonville, FL vet lists some signs of sickness in cats in this article.

Poor Appetite

Healthy pets have healthy appetites. Fluffy can be finicky, of course, but if your feline pal just doesn’t like her food, she’ll likely meow to let you know she wants something else. A kitty that doesn’t seem interested in eating, on the other hand, may be ill.

Unkempt Fur

Just like people, cats often forego their usual beauty rituals when they don’t feel well. If Fluffy neglects her daily grooming routine, her fur will soon start looking matted, greasy, and/or unkempt.


As you may have noticed, cats love exploring nooks and crannies. Fluffy may very well decide to nap in your closet, just to try something new. However, if your furball seems withdrawn, and doesn’t want to leave her hiding place, even for supper, she could be ill.


This one can be a bit tricky. Kitties that are perfectly healthy can be cantankerous at times. However, if your cat is usually sweet, and suddenly starts acting grumpy, she may not be feeling well.

Unusual Behavior

The better you know your cat, the easier it will be to spot unusual behavior or vocalizations. Any changes in Fluffy’s appearance, habits, or vocalizations can be indicative of illness. For instance, if your kitty is usually a furry little chatterbox, and then suddenly becomes withdrawn and quiet, she could be sick.


It isn’t uncommon for our feline buddies to get the occasional hairball. However, frequent or violent vomiting is a definite red flag.

Litterbox Woes

Changes in the amount, color, or texture of your cat’s waste can also be indicative of illness, as can diarrhea. If Fluffy is having trouble going, or has stopped using her litterbox, contact your vet immediately: these can be serious warning signs!

Is your cat showing any of these symptoms? Contact us, your Lakewood Jacksonville, FL animal clinic, right away!